Monday Monday, so good to me

Annnd it's Monday again, goodbye weekend! Hello camera, racks and racks of clothes... and I haven't forgotten about you trusty steamer.

My weekend was filled with vintage, thrifting, sleeping in, horribly bloody horror movies and drinks with good friends.

It was the third weekend of the month... which means PILE SALE!! If you're not familiar, the Pile Sale is a huge vintage sale that happens every third weekend of the month, in Long Beach. La Bamba, one of the many amazing vintage shops on Retro Row (4th Street) opens access to THE Pile. The Pile is...is exactly that, a HUGE mountainous pile of vintage clothes all under 5 bucks! Everyone climbs, digs and scrumiges through, looking for the most amazing vintage blazers, cool vintage band t's or if your lucky gorgeous sequinced blouses. I had a few amazing finds and will post them soon... don't worry :)

Sunday, I got into one of those moods where I just wanted to clean and organzie and decorate (this rarely happens!). So I semi cleaned out my closet, my boyfriend put up a shelf for me and I finally put my art up on the walls (its taken me 6 months to finally get to this tehehe). Then I ventured to Buffallo Exchange where I sold some old things and found some great pieces in return. I picked up an amazing 90s black and white blazer, an interesting pair of slashed black leggings, a very geometric copper necklace and a military silk shirt dress (I felt I needed one piece of this military trend in my wordrobe- I'm not a huge fan of this fall trend).

Photos of my finds will be up soon! In the meantime... get inspired by W's October Editorial! I love the no brows, fairytale influence and mellow color pallete mixed with harsh makeup!

Who knew Mother Goose could be so Avante-Garde,


Editorial Shots via WMagazine.com

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