Taxidermy's Back

While exploring the strange, interesting and drug filled Height and Ashbury neighborhood of San Fransisco, I came across a few interesting boutiques transcending the Victorian Era. The Victorian Era has always been one of my favorites with the gorgeous architecture, the gowns of lace and silks and the overall dark theme of the era. Although, I was never aware of how popular taxidermy was! In these fascinating boutiques I found some very unique jewelry; rings with human teeth, necklaces with gold dipped squirrel hearts and bird claw earrings, to name a few. They were gorgeous and very artistic, but they gave me a weird feeling in my tummy. Not sure if I'm ready to wear a squirrel heart around my neck! There was also amazing taxidermy art pieces, great for a touch of Victorian decor!

Is it creepy or beautiful? I've yet to decide!


You can find these incredible pieces at: Loved To Death

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