What I Wore: Birthday Girl in a DIY Dress

My Birthday Celebration last week consisted of: sushi boats, shots, shots, shots, amazing friends, and THE dance floor. I had an amazing time surrounded by great friends and dancing my booty off!

I had a very specific dress in mind for my birthday and since I couldn't find anything that lived up to the picture in my head... I just made one! I took a black trapeze style maxi dress (found at Buffalo Exchange) and cut a high low hem into it. So the result was short in the front and loooong in the back. It came out just how I wanted it! I paired it with my new 2B leather jacket and my DIY feather earing (post to come)... and the Birthday Girl was set!

(And check out the new Ombre Hair, birthday present from the boyfriend!)

Till next year...

high low hem dress DIY BUFFALO EXCHANGE
jacket 2B BY BEBE

...and then this random bus boy walks by, so I dance!

me, the birthday princess, with my amazing friends!

....and don't forget to vote, only a WEEK left!

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  1. ohh happy birthday dear!! when was your birthday?! mine was may 26, yayyyy for may babies :) you look awesome and i love the DIY hem, it looks sexy! hope you had a great bday dear


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