What I Wore: Denim Fever

Gap vintage denim jacket, Gap grey pocket blouse, Lucky Brand black jeggings, Cole Hann vintage loafers

Gotta love the Classic Denim Jacket! I seriously pair this with everything... if you haven't noticed! But this jacket is actually really cool... I found it in my Moms closet! She use to wear this jacket all the time (years and years ago)! I love finding those amazing pieces that have meaning and history to them.

You would be surprised what kind of amazing things you can find in your parents wardrobe... stay tuned for the goodies I found!


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  1. I LOVE this look! It's so relaxed and perfect for a university student like me. I really like your style so I have to follow!

    Also, are you from Vancouver? A post a little below this one says you have to represent your fellow Canucks?



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