What I Wore: All- Star

Forever 21 slouchy sweater, Gap grey button up, Forever 21 skinny jeans, Converse white high tops, Loehmanns collar necklace

My current obsession... Chucks! They are great for a busy day of styling (meaning up and down on my feet all day), can be paired with practically anything and they are classic cool (along with the price!).

And who said sneakers can't be fashionable... What are your favorite comfy, but cute shoes?


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  1. you look adorable! and yes, i can imagine how chucks can be soo comfy for a job like yours! as for myself, i have a pair of leopard print flats that is so comfy! in fact i wore them today! hehe. i hope your day is well darling! talk with you soon!

    x jamie

  2. Love, love chucks! i have a few pairs and they go with everything! it makes an outfit funky!


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