What I Wore: Rose Colored Glasses

Gap knit sweater, Buffalo Exchange high low top, Gap bell bottoms, Loehmanns necklace, Marc by Marc gold watch

Say hello to Zoey, my new baby! She showed up at my Mom's front door on Thanksgiving. A little Thanksgiving gift, I think! Since we couldn't find her home and no one came looking for her, she came home with me and my boyfriend! 

Having a puppy, so giddy and playful, brings so much happiness to your home (and a little stink, this one isn't potty trained!). It's almost like looking through rose colored glasses... you can't get mad at that cute little fur ball, no matter what she does!

You will definitely be seeing more of my little Zoey, she won't leave my side! And Happy December!


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  1. Ahww how cute! I have to say that picture of your new dog on the top right cracks me up because he looks angry a little haha!♥ love the outfit!♥VISIT HIM AND HER PROJECT♥

  2. nice jeans and cute dog aww



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