I think I'm coming down with a case of... NOSTALGIA

Last night (while stretching at the gym, of all places) I stumbled upon some good ol' music on my Ipod. Hanson! What 90's Teeny Bopper doesn't have a sweet spot for that sexy boy band!?

Listening to these memory evoking tunes, got me thinking about how I use to dress... floral dresses with clunky shoes, masculine blazers, dark lipstick (Mommy wouldn't let me wear it at 10 years old, but a girl can dream!), overalls, ripped jeans with a flannel wrapped around the waist... siiighhh oh the 90's!

The 90's fashion is defiantly on its way back in! I think the reason behind this trend come back, is a lot of children of the 90's are at the point in their lives where they are being forced to grow up, be an adult, work for a living, graduating college and being pushed into the real world. It's so much nicer to retreat to past times when things were a little easier, less stressful and deciding which boy band member you wanted as your pretend boyfriend, was your top priority!

Sweet Dreams, Teeny Boppers!


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