A Musical Inspiration- please tune on and turn up

Sitting in my room.
Approaching the end of this day, this Monday, this incredibly hot Monday.
Feeling depleted from the day.
Mostly I'm sure from the heat, but also because I hadn't felt inspired today.
No sparks, no OMG uh-mazing's, no WOAHHH's.
Just kinda, another Monday.

Sitting in my room.
Pandora a playing.
Music filling my room, filling my ears.
New music, interesting sounds, new sounds.
Good sounds.
Music is the perfect muse, the best way to snap out of your daze- to possibly put yourself into a different kind of daze.
This song- may not be the best song ever written, but once this song consumed the musical part of my brain- SWITCH- went my emotions.
Ideas started forming.
Memories appeared from no where.
Words started to flow.

And these are the feelings/visuals that bestowed within me--->

Shimmering sunlight- that kind of soft sunlight that sparkles in the background of a perfect day.
Tall grass fields, playfully dancing in the breeze.
A girl aloft a bed of fresh green grass- so fresh you can smell the green color even when your eyes are closed.
Birds flapping their wings over head.

Just imagine.
Escape for a few moments.
Escape into your dreams, into the instruments conducting the sounds that you hear.

Breath, imagine, smile.

Good Night Good Music and Good Memories,


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  1. YESSS music can definitely change a person's attitude & outlook for the day! Nice written visuals. & I noticed me in one of the pics ..& I remember that day at the park =]

    PS i like that song


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