Beginnings are here!

So it's the beginning of another week, the beginning of October (when did this happen?) and now it actually feels like the beginning of a new season! For some odd reason I'm actually really enjoying this cool, gloomy weather... maybe because it makes me feel better about being inside all day... or because I can break out my new sweaters and boots and tights, that's always a good thing!

With October, also comes a busy, busy (but SO fun) schedule ahead...

Here's whats on my TO DO list for this season thus far:
  1. Daisy Duke Bachelorette Party
  2. A Country Club Wedding
  3. STYLIT Launch Party
  4. Birthdays and Pool Parties in Vegas
  5. The Boyfriends Birthday + Minus The Bear
  6. Halloween Weekend!
  7. Fashioning Fashion with my Stylist Girls
  8. A possible desert shoot (get excited!)
and breathe.

So yes I already have two things crossed off my list... two amazing nights might I add! And I will be posting pictures shortly!

All of these "To Dos" means: Cute Outfits (and shopping!). I'm still shopping for my Vegas outfits, which is coming up fast... THIS WEEKEND, fast!

Take a sneak peak of some photos from this last weekend! Stay tuned to my eventful month... it is bound to be an interesting ride!


The beautiful new couple-Nikki literally looked like a princesses in her wedding ball gown!

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