Goodbye October... It was good while it lasted!

Sunday marked the end of October. Sunday also marked the day of Halloween... one of my favorite days of the year, a great way to say goodbye to October! Halloween time means carving pumpkins, eating LOTS of candy, dressing how you wish you could on a daily basis and of course a spookiness in the air. I love how for the month of October the town gets a little creepy and dreary... cobwebs form in store window displays, scary faced jack-o-lanterns guard the front of homes, and every now and then you see a dead body part hanging out of the trunk of someones car (fake of course).

This year I felt the need to show my appreciation for exquisite music... that being HAIR METAL!! I thought I must pay my gratitude to such bands as:

Twisted Sister


Motley Crue

... And so from all this inspiration came my costume...

Until next year Halloween... ROCK OOOON!


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