The List: Falling Back Into The Gap

The other day I found myself at the Gap, visiting a good friend of mine and helping him out with some visual merchandising. He's the merchandising manager and I pretty much stood there and told him what looked good... I don't think I was much help! Well since I was there I had to look around, of course! And to my surprise/excitement/impress-ment... Holiday 2010 is very delightful and classically trendy. That's what I love about the Gap, the classics! I've noticed a huge leap in design improvement with the past few seasons and I have to say I'm very impressed... not to mention the price tag doesn't hurt my tummy! I defiantly found TOO many pieces I now need to add to my wardrobe!

Take a stroll into the Gap... and go on a Thursday you get 40% off ;)


You can find everything above at Gap or visit your local store!

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  1. umm that's crazy! GAP has never looked so good! :) gimmeee


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