Dreaming of My Dream Closet

Last night was the night... me and the boo moved into our new room! The bigger room with... you guessed it... MUCH more closet space! Hello dream come true! Since we switched rooms we now have an extra bedroom... which I came up with the great idea of turning it into a giant closet for ME. I would line the walls with clothing racks and shoe organizers, put a cool vintage couch in there with a shaggy rug, decorate with vintage frames and of course a dress form! I'm pretty sure I would spend all my time in there! But instead of my dream closet the room is turning into an office/extra bedroom/man cave (gross!!). Oh well I do have two huge closets in my new room! Which i will post pictures of later because I am so excited for it! All this closet business has got me dreaming of the day I will have a room sized walk in closet (I promise you that day will come).

So here are some amazing closets I found, I will be having closet dreams for the next few weeks!


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