What Caught my Eye, at the 53rd Grammys

Just another awards show, with rich and beautifully talented people, every where. There were a few beautiful/interesting things that caught my eye and overall it was an entertaining show! Also, it's pretty amazing how the Staples Center can be re-transformed, show after show. 

Now my next goal in life is to win a Grammy. I better start working on that one ASAP!


Florence on  Red Carpet- Givenchy
Florence during the opening performance- Elie Saab Couture

Mick Jagger in his gorgeous teal blazer and matching silk shirt

Shaved heads of Win Butler & Sarah Neufeld of Arcade Fire
Richard Parry of Arcade Fire, snazzy blue suede suit (far left)

And of course, Lady Gaga's bodily shaped dress- Mugler

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