A Complexity of Geometricly Amazing Shoes

I've been a fan of the architectural shoe designer, LD Tuttle, for quit some time now. And through them I discovered the line Complex Geometries. I'm all about flowy, over-sized, basic muted colors and sheer fabrics. That is exactly what Complex Geometries is all about. Most of the brand's pieces are unisex, which is very cool in my book, being that I also love the androgynous style and look. LD Tuttle just did the shoes for Complex Geometries AW 2011 presentation and lookbook. I'm loving the vibe these designs give off and I need to have all those petrified wood necklaces!

Check them out for yourself and get inspired!


Complex Geometries
Complex Geometries featuring LD Tuttle

all photos via LD Tuddle Facebook

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