What I Wore: The Capital V Day

Happy Post Valentines Day all you lovers and friends! I gotta admit I'm not a huge fan of the V-Day, I feel like it's kinda cheesy, cliche and it's WAY too built up. But of course just like any other girl out there I HAVE to celebrate... it's just what you do on February 14th!
So this year (pretty much like every other past V-Day, and this would make #6) the boy and I went out for a nice, fun, and loving dinner. This years day of love was celebrated at Wokcano's Teppanyaki Grill. If you're not familiar, a crazy Asian Chef makes it a very entertaining experience of cooking your food right before your eyes! He throws food in your mouth and sets the table on fire in front of you! It never gets old and the food is delish! I had teriyaki chicken and scallops, while Joel had the New York Tri Tip. We ate, drank (got a free round on the house), talked about the advertising industry (it was quite romantic, it's just what we do), gained a few pounds and Joel gave me his leftovers (sweetest thing he could of done, I had a GREAT lunch today!).

It was a perfect night with my best friend and full time boyfriend! Hope everyone had a love filled day!


 he wore:
jacket GAP
shoes VANS
jacket FOUND
blouse GAP
jeans JBRAND
purse H&M

photo credit JOEL ROBINSON

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