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I was recently asked to do an interview for Bloom Glee, a website dedicated to empowering women to embrace their individuality. You can see my feature and interview about my must have accessories, what I'm loving for Spring and more! 



BloomGlee: What’s your favorite part about being a stylist?
Marci: I’m an extremely creative person and styling lets me do just that. I love pushing the limits and changing people’s perspectives on how fashion should be. Fashion to me is an art form and styling is my paint brush to my fashion canvas. Plus, I don’t mind shopping all the time!

BloomGlee: How can someone discover their own style?
Marci: My style consists of everything I love and crave, which does not all fit into one certain category. So I say, just buy pieces you love and make them work together. That’s the fun part: being creative, mixing and matching different pieces that you can’t get enough of. And the end result? Your personal style!
BloomGlee: What are your favorite three simple accessories and why?
Marci: I wear the same vintage silver and gold rings everyday. I’m big on accessorizing and stacked rings add a boho chic feel to my everyday looks.I love that! A classic gold watch watch is a must have. You can easily dress up a simple jeans and t-shirt with a nice gold watch. I also love my Carrie Bradshaw inspired name necklace. It’s a classic staple and I literally wear it with everything. I layer it with other necklaces, dress it up or down and it even looks cute with my bikini by the pool! Not to mention, people never forget my name!
BloomGlee: Can you share your summer fashion must have?
Marci: I’m currently obsessed with the return of 70s inspired looks. I’m loving bell bottoms, florals, crochet, wedges, round sunnies, and floppy hats. 70s nostalgia just oozes summer time fun!
BloomGlee: Can you tell us what role confidence plays in fashion and how can fashion help your confidence?
Marci: Whether you take fashion seriously or not, you can’t deny first impressions. First impressions, set up an entire idea of what kind of person you are. Are you nice, friendly and inviting? Can I trust you? Whether the impression is correct or not, it’s bound to happen. When you feel good about your outside image, whether it be because of your new flowy dress that fits just right or you’re having a good hair day. People naturally pick up on your energy. When your feel good about what you’re wearing or how you feel in what you have on, it boosts your confidence and everyone around you will notice. Confidence is the most fashionable thing you can wear!

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  1. what a great interview dear!!! "Confidence is the most fashionable thing you can wear!" i love that!! you are so awesome :)


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