Happy Birthday To Me!

Boy does time fly! I remember, just like it was yesterday... eating a delish Italian dinner, in my high chair...

 Oh and that one day I got all dolled up for a photo shoot, with Mr.Bunny...
Happy Birthday to Me :D

(I would also like to give a special thanks to my Mom and Dad for having me!)



  1. Happy Birthday Marci.

  2. look at those eyes! sooooo cute!

  3. Hi Marci,
    I hope this gets to you as I'm not sure how this 'blog thing' works. I'm also a day late...Happy Birthday! My Mom and I stumbled upon your cute pictures and hope we can take some more when you come to London. In case you do, email me at kate.bb28@gmail.com. Hope you're doing well. Love, Katelyn :)


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