Thread Show: A Feather Frenzie

Last Sunday, I attended the Thread Show in Orange County with StylExperiments. We had a fabulous time checking out all the local designers, trying on amazing jewelry and buying cute t-shirts! I noticed a major trend of feather jewelry and hair clips. I love the native feeling of feathers. I defiantly have some DIY ideas stirring up! Alysha ended up getting a feather extension in her hair and I absolutely love it! It gives a subtle touch of style, at a very reasonable price! 

Watch out for feathers!

feathers, feathers and more feathers! there's gotta be some cold birds out there!

getting her feather extension put in

OMG so cute!

jacket H&M

jeans JBRAND

scavenging through the racks of unique finds

photos via FringeFries & Thread Show facebook

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