Stolen Girlfriends Club

I recently came across this amazing clothing line called Stolen Girlfriends Club, on the Jeffery Campbell blog. I love the mix of fantasy prints, textures, and the styling is right on.

Excited to see more from these talented designers! Check out some pieces from SS11.


Don't forget to VOTE, it's a close race!
Just like the page and vote TEAM #4!


  1. omg girl..... we have so much in common right? lol :) i hella blogged about this collection last year! wanna read my review? http://blogredhead.blogspot.com/2010/11/stolen-girlfriends-club-aw-11-look-book.html

    anyway, hows it going? any plans this summer? so hey? when will the winners be announced? the winners of the contest youre participating in? i really hope you win :) i hope youre having a good week and that you have a great weekend darling!

    xo, jamie

  2. p.s

    i would love to see you do a remix of my outfit, how fun!


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