Photo Story: Lake Tahoe

Last weekend, I took a much needed, mini vaca (a whole 4 days!). The Boyfriend and I joined his family up in Lake Tahoe, for an amazing weekend at a lake house in the forest.

Above all it was extremely beautiful! Living in LA surrounded by freeways, buildings, and man made landscapes, you tend to forget about that thing called nature. I definitely forgot nature existed until we touched down in Lake Tahoe. I literally had to ask if what I was looking at was real; a ginormous crystal clear lake, bluer than the sky and surrounded by huge mountains drizzled with snow (did I mention it was still a comfortable 75 degrees out?).

Our mini vacation started with a boat ride down the lake, window shopping the million dollar mansions on the shore and taking in some rays and cool brews. That was basically the whole trip in a nut shell, but then throw in a Celebrity Golf Tournament in the forest (yet still on the lake) and casino gambling. Hands down the best little getaway this Summer!

Take a trip to Tahoe through my little photo story below... then take a real trip, it's definitely worth it!


Take me to Tahoe!
maxi skirt LOEHMANNS
denim jacket H&M

studded denim shorts FREE PEOPLE

If you can't tell my toes are smiling, they love it here!

 Floating mansion... named 'Dream Big', how appropriate! 

over sized tee BUFFALO EXCHANGE
pink cut off shorts FOREVER 21
brown strappy sandals SAM EDELMAN
zipper purse REBECCA MINKOFF

 THE Michael Jordan! ( I told him I loved him in Space Jam!)

 Kevin Nealin and I (Weeeeeeds!)

 Party on the Beach!

 Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

 OMG huge trees!

Me standing with the HUGE trees... I was so excited!

 Sippin cocktails and playing slots!

white tank blouse URBAN OUTFITTERS
black body con skirt FOREVER 21
denim jacket H&M
long necklace URBAN OUTFITTERS
over sized leather watch MARC BY MARC JACOBS

Bye Tahoe, till next time. Stay gorgeous!

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  1. Wow, that's pretty intense you're seeing some badass celebrities!

    Go go Marci!


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