DIY: The Pouch Purse

So I finally found some extra time to get to some much needed DIY-ing! I've had my eye on those cute spring Pouch Purses forever now and I just happened to have some faux leather laying around from an old project. HELLO! Put two and two together for an easy breezy DIY. All I had to do was buy a little zipper (which made this new purse cost me about $2 to make)! What a bargain! All you need is about a quarter yard of fabric (leather, faux leather, vinyl or whatever your heart desires!), a zipper, scissors, strait pins and a sewing machine (makes life SO much easier, but you could also sew by hand).

After about 10 minutes of sewing/cutting/pinning, I had myself a cute new purse! I think I'm going to have to make another one in a bright fabric, also!

Now go get Pouch Purse crazzzzzy!!

less than a quarter yard of faux leather and a zipper

cutt two rectangle pieces in the size desired

 pin the zipper, face down onto the top side of one piece of fabric and sew

sew the other side of the zipper onto the second piece of fabric just like the previous step

 then sew down both sides and bottom of fabric, inside out (I made the mistake of not cutting my fabric even, so I marked a straight line to follow when sewing)

... and the finished product! Stay tuned for an outfit post with the new Pouch Purse!


  1. i wanna make one too

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