What Would Joel Wear: Grey & White

So the Mr. Boyfriend has been dying for a celebrity appearance on my blog. Last night he even said "I wanna be like Rachel Zoes Husband"... hahaha and I'm fine with being Rachel Zoe! But I think he's just talking about the money situation $$$

Meet Joel, a Sports Enthusiast gone Graphic Designer and dressed by Marci Michalovitz, herself (but he actually did this outfit all on his own, so proud!). Watch out for more of this guy and what he wears, in the future!


shirt RVCA
shorts VANS
belt LEVIS

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  1. omg my fiance feels like rachel zoe's husband sometimes, lol. and hey im ok with being her too ;) how cute that mr boyfriend wants to make appearances! lol :) my fiance wears his camo shorts (kinda like those but in camo) all summer long. you two are such a lovely, adorable couple!


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