Fringe Favs: Perfect Saturday

Saturday is my favorite day of the week and this Saturday just happened to be the best Saturday in a long time. Perfect beach weather, laying out in the sand, riding bikes next to the water, some shopping down Second Street and an amazing Mediterranean lunch on the water. Wish everyday could be this perfect with no care in the world.

Ahhh summer time is in the air and this summer is going to be amazing!


 Beautiful Belmont Shore!

 awww my cute bike!

top 2B
cut off shorts LUCKY BRAND
sandals GAP


 boyfriend wearing:
tank RVCA
board shorts INSIGHT
shoes VANS
backpack NORTHFACE

... then lunch at Gypsy's by the water. Mmm mmm mmm Falafels, Hummus and Wine!

 Wine at the beach? Perf!


  1. aww, so happy you had a great saturday!! you described the perfect day for sure :) you look so adorable in your cruiser! we should totally cruise together! lol! and woo hoo! your bf is a A's fan! so is mine! haha, awesome!!

    xo, jamie

  2. my baby sister, Va, took these photos for me :) and yes girl double dates at A's game sounds so fun! Marc's been an A's fan since he was 4 years old, lol how cute right? and i mean, we'd paint the town red you and i.. in our cruisers! lol :)


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